Thursday, September 1, 2011

Black and white

 Jim and I like to snuggle when I get home from class. 

But then..... I remembered it was super nice outside. So we migrated to the balcony to chill with our home girl Gertrude, the tomato plant. 

Jimi decided that Gertrude looked quite tasty and he tried to take a bite of her. Don't worry I stopped him before he got all wild animal on her. 

Before we proceeded out to the balcony I grabbed the book I've been reading. It's called Ender's Game. Have you heard/ read it? It's one of the books on Shalis and my book club's list. Okay so we don't really have book club. We only say we do cause we seem to always be reading the same books and enjoy discussing them. But we would love to actually make a book club. If you are interested give me a ring. ha 

It was so freaking refreshing outside, which inspired my epiphany. I should edit pictures and write my blog outside. And that is just what I did, while rocking out to The Cab. Sorry neighbors if I was singing too loud.

Aren't black and white pictures the shiz!? Black is pretty much my favorite color besides lime green. I wanted to use black for one of my wedding colors but everyone told me it would look like death. Whatever haters, it would have been epic. Well our wedding still was epic minus the black. 

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