Saturday, September 10, 2011

Art in the Park

Gabe and I went to our first art in the park today with Erin and Jacob, because like always they introduce us to the most awesome stuff.  It was pretty amazing how many little art booths they fit into the park.  When we first walked up I got a tad bit claustrophobic but then I remembered I was outside and snapped out of it.ha  In addition to our first trip to art in the park we also had our first ice cream potato. Erin informed us that we could not call ourselves true Idahoan's until we had eaten one.  Now, I know that sounds incredibly gross but it is actually not a starch at all.  It's Ice cream shaped like a potato covered in coco and it was scrumptious. But the taste might have been enhanced with sweet success in becoming a true Idahoan.  

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