Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ezra at Five Months Old

This little guy is seriously growing up way too fast. With Anni, I felt like the first 6 months went by so slow, but with Ezra, they have just been zooming past! Ezra now weighs 17 pounds, and he's 27 inches long. At his four month check up, the doctor said he was in the 56th percentile for weight and 96th for height.  Gabe has high hopes for Ezra's basketball career. Ha.

  • As the pictures above show, Ezra is now sitting up, as of a week ago.
  • Loves being sang to. Singing from daddy or mommy is always guaranteed to put a smile on his face. 
  • Doesn't really care for books much these days, but he does really enjoy the book, "Ocean Wonders." He can't resist all of the pretty, shiny colors. 
  • Looking more and more like his daddy and sister everyday. I had such high hopes that at least one of my children would resemble me a little.  
  • Fancies squinching himself all up and eating his toes. 
  • He and the blender are mortal enemies. I have to make sure I'm snuggling him extra tight when I turn it on or he freaks out. 
  • As of this week, Ezra has started taking one and a half hour naps in his crib. Adios 30 minute naps! I'm especially grateful that Anniston and Ezra almost always take an afternoon nap together. 
  • Still wakes up pretty often at night, but it's starting to be less often. He usually only wakes up about 4 times a night now. 
  • Loves his newborn feeding schedule of eating every two hours on the dot.  
  • And is completely adored by his sister, as well as the rest of us.