Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Sunday

Today, Gabe and I gave talks at church. Fun fact about Katie number 1, I HATE speaking in public.  It scares the pee out of me.  Luckily,  I did not get nervous enough to pee my pants today but instead I said my talk at 100 miles an hour.  Which made my 15 minute talk into a five minute one. ha On the positive end, Gabe's talk took the right amount of time but he still couldn't make up for my spasticness.  An old missionary couple was called up to talk for the last 15 min. ha I felt horrible, good thing old people always have great stories, right?

After church I made my "big dinner" once again, lasagna.  Gabe gave it an A+.  As least I succeeded in something today. 

Have a wonderful sabbath!

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