Thursday, October 22, 2015

Another Year Another Trip to The Pumpkin Patch

Anniston was almost convinced we had found The Great Pumpkin!

This years trip to the pumpkin patch was quite a toasty event, with it being 100 degrees out. The heat mixed with me being 9 months prego, in addition to my belly being the size of a very large pumpkin, was a tad bit unpleasant compared to our trip last year. But the kids, they had a great time! We had talked about going to a bigger pumpkin patch this year, since the kids were older, but I'm so very thankful we didn't. I love our little pumpkin patch that's only 5 minutes away. There aren't a lot of people, so it's usually just us and a couple of other families. Anniston was especially excited to go to the pumpkin patch this year, because we had recently rented the book, 'It's the Great Pumpkin,' by Charlie Brown. She requested that we read that book to her every night for a week straight. I think she was a little disappointed that we didnt spend the night in the pumpkin patch. Ha. Logan had decided the best technique for picking out a pumpkin was to throw each one like a bowling ball and see how far they went. Anniston, on the other hand, was extremely picky in her pumpkin choosing. She would carry one around for a while to get a feel for it, we assumed that was the pumpkin she wanted, but once Gabe or I would ask her if that's the pumpkin, she would say, 'Umm, no.' She was very fond of the white pumpkins though. The funny thing was that the kids never officially picked out their pumpkins. So being the cheap, awesome parents we are, we decided to just buy their pumpkins at Sprouts, where they were half the price. With our move to Arizona coming up in a month, this trip made me a little sad. We won't be going to the same pumpkin patch with the Straight family next year. I guess I'll just have to come back to this post next year to reminisce.