Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Geese Are Back!

Jimi's best friends, the Canadian geese,  are finally back in Boise.  Jim and I saw them when we went on a walk this evening. I'm almost as excited as Jimi but not quite.  I'm not sure if you could actually call the geese Jimi's friends, I'm pretty sure he scares the crap out of them, literally there is goose poop everywhere. But that is not important, what's important is Jimi adores them, mostly because he loves to chase them.  Gabe and I both think the geese are  pretty awesome too.

 Before Jimi and I's adventure in the park, Gabe and I spent the day finishing up bits of our homework before he had to leave for class.  I'm so glad we are taking classes together because without his help in math I would be completely lost.  Thank goodness I married a smart kid! Oh and guess what I discovered today.  Jones sodas have fortunes under the cap! I had no idea.  Did you see my fortune, it was pretty great, and all this time I could have had tons of fantastic fortunes and I will never know. Sad day, but at least I know now and am spreading the word. So you all can avoid this atrocity.

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