Monday, November 28, 2016

Ever Green

I've been so anxious for this Christmas season to begin, we've been listening to Christmas music since October. The day after Thanksgiving, I was convinced we needed to get a Christmas tree right away. We had originally planned to buy a permit and cut our own tree this year, but we decided to go to a Christmas tree farm about thirty minutes from our home instead. As it turns out, the farm no longer exists. However, on our way, we passed this very tiny nursery, called Rustic Gardens. The place definitely had a very rustic feel, but the lady was super nice, and the trees were the right price, so we were happy.

I've been a little nervous about how Ezzy is going to do with the Christmas tree, and when we decorated it, he kind of went nuts! His absolute favorite things are balls and we had them carefully placed all over our Christmas tree, which he wasn't allowed to touch. Needless to say, there were ornaments scattered all over our floor and a few tears shed each time we had to tell him no, but I have high hopes that the novelty of the Christmas balls will wear off.
This Christmas, Gabe and I are really trying to emphasize the importance of giving with Anni. We have a wonderful list of service ideas to do for all 25 days of this Christmas season, and I cannot wait to get started! Giving has always been my favorite part of Christmas, and I am excited for Anniston to experience how rewarding, and what an amazing feeling it is, to give to others, especially those who really need it.

The list we'll be using can be found right here if anyone else wants to join in to make this Christmas season a little brighter. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Ezra's the big 0-1!

Our baby boy is now one year old. I'm trying not to get too emotional, but really, I'm happy he is one. Gabe and I don't love the baby stage. 
  • Ezra is 21 pounds (45%) and 29.5 inches long (35%) 
  • He is in love with our Roku remote. He carries it around the house all day long, and he has been caught multiple times trying to smuggle it out of the house with him. 
  • Has learned how to say 'cheese' and requests it all the time, because it is, of course, his favorite.
  • Has started to enjoy longer books. Praise the heavens, because the same 3 books every night was making me CRAZY!!
  • Pretty much since the day he turned one, Ezra has been all about walking solo. He was just waiting for his birthday I guess.
  • His lovey that he sleeps with is a black stuffed llama, which was the first gift Gabe ever gave me. When I give it to him in bed, he always says 'Ama' and it's the cutest! 
  • If you ask him what a dinosaur says, he will make a very throaty and creepy roar. 
  • Is a total goofball and is always making us laugh.

Ezra's Birthday Trip to McCall

A few weeks ago, my parents, my brother, and his fiancee, came out for Ezra's birthday. We all headed up to McCall to spend the weekend there and celebrate Ezra's first birthday. McCall is absolutely beautiful and has tons of wildlife and hot springs. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to enjoy both. We saw lots of whitetail deer, chipmunks, and even a red fox, which I was extremely excited about. While we were up there, Ezzy got his first real taste of cake, and he wasn't the biggest fan, but Anni picked up on his slack. ;) We all loved it but were very sad that the trip couldn't have been longer. We had much more McCall that needed exploring.