Sunday, August 23, 2015

8 months

Being eight months pregnant in the hottest part of the year in San Diego is very far from delightful. However, I've been trying to find the positive between the constant questions of, "When are you due?" and after I respond with, "Not for another two months," the surprised looking faces and the "Oh, you must have big babies" answer. I'm a whale guys, I know it, but do you really have to rub it in? Goodness! :) Anyways, on to the positive. I can wear dresses, almost exclusively. Oh, the stretchy airiness!  Also, watermelon is in season, which is basically pure heaven, so are Oreos, but I try to stick with the healthier of the two. Having a two year old has also been helpful. Anniston is more than happy, most of the time, to pick up everything I drop. This is really a life saver when it comes to trying to keep a clean house, because honestly, most things I will not bend down to get. Unless they are Oreos. It's also fun to have Anniston tell me about her baby brother. She's always telling me how cute he is, which I respond with, "I'm sure he will be, and he will probably look just like you and daddy." Those Lawrence genes are so strong! When she gets hurt, she requests that I not only kiss her boo boos, but also baby brother. A few weeks ago I was holding Anni, and she started laughing and said, "Baby brother is so funny!" Ha. I have no idea, but it was really cute. I just keep crossing my fingers and praying that she loves having a baby brother just as much once he's born as she does now. We were also successful in potty training Little Miss Anniston this past month, which I am over the moon about, because that means we only have one child's diapers to change. I feel like we really can't take much credit though, she has done awesome! I finally convinced my OB to do an ultrasound at 37 weeks to check how big this guy is, in hopes that if he is measuring to be over 10 pounds, I can be induced. When I originally asked about being induced a week early (because Anni was 9 pounds 12 ounces), she said, "Well, we know you can have a 10 pound baby!" Yes, I can, but a baby any larger than 10 pounds is far too big! Lastly, I try to remind myself that I only have nine more pregnant weeks at the most, maybe less, hopefully less.