Saturday, September 3, 2011

Meeting Station

Gabe and I went out to dinner last night at this cute little Italian restaurant called Papa Joe's and it was amazing!! My shrimp tortellini was so delicious but sadly there wasn't enough shrimp, there is never enough shrimp! 

That awesome/scary face I am making in the picture above I nicknamed the cobra. I was demonstrating to Gabe how a cobra strikes.  Yeah we have pretty random conversations over dinner, it keeps life interesting. 
After dinner we went for a little walk to the Boise Train Depot. It turned out to be much more exciting then it sounds.  We had never been up there before but it's really pretty and has a bunch of coy ponds which automatically makes any place awesome! 

Yes I am fully aware that the picture of us on the train tracks is totally cliché but whatever we couldn't resist.
After exploring everything that the Depot had to offer we came home and had our dessert, oatmeal pies and sleepy time tea with little Jim. 

please ignore my greasy bangs.

Have a wonderful saturday everyone!! 


  1. i love you both and you are so cute! i want a blod kinda.........

  2. i meant a blog.....what in the world is a blod?

  3. haha when you said blod I got all excited. I thought it was the new cool thing and I wanted one too. But you should totally get a blog so we can be blogger friends. ha We Love you too!