Friday, September 2, 2011

Freak Alley

Last Saturday night we went on a double date with our favorite Boise Couple, Erin and Jacob.  One of the main reason we love to hang out with them other than their awesome personalities is that they know Boise really well and introduce us to the unique things that Boise has to offer.  On this particular outing we decided to venture around downtown.  First we went to The Flying M, which is a coffee and soda shop that Erin had told me about.  She said it had board games and delicious Italian soda. Gabe and I are big fans of Italian soda so needless to say we went there.  We arrived ready to play games while drinking our delectable Italian soda, but to our utter disappointment they had gotten rid of all their games.  We were so enraged we left the establishment immediately.  Well maybe not immediately. We still wanted our Italian soda but then we left very quickly to show we had no love for board game haters! 
After making hast leaving The Flying M Erin asked us if we had ever been down freak alley. We both said we hadn't but were intrigued by the name and wanted to see it.

I'm pretty sure after seeing these pictures it goes without saying but I'll still say it, freak alley is amazing! All the art is done by locals and anyone can paint part of the alley. All you have to do is sign up. The artwork is redone every year. Gabe and I are signing up next year for sure! The Jimi Hendrix piece is both our favorite, not only cuz we are big Jimi fans, speaking of that did I mention we named Jimi our dog after Jimi Hendrix cuz we totally did. The main reason it was our favorite is because it was made with such intricate detail. The picture really doesn't do it justice. Oh and the keep Boise weird piece definitely made my night. I definitely have love for the weird! If you ever get the chance to walk around downtown Boise I highly recommend taking a stroll down Freak Alley.  Thanks Erin and Jacob for taking us to this awesomeness as well as a spectacular night! 

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