Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Family Bird Watching

Anniston has been asking for a pink magnifying glass and pink binoculars for a few months and she finally got her wish on Easter, thanks to the Easter bunny, as well as Aunt Kas and Uncle James. Since she now has all of her scientist devices, I decided we needed to get out and put those pink babies to work.

We found that one of the local nature preserves does free guided bird watching once per month. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for Anni to use her new gadgets. Turns out she was much more interested in observing all of the little bugs scurrying around than the actual birds. She was also determined to find the bullfrogs we kept hearing all over the park. One of my favorite things as a mom is to watch how each of my kids take interest in things. It's fun to watch their little brains interpret what they are seeing. 

Anniston is an analyzer to the core, so it's so fun to hear all of the questions she asks me about the world around her. The other day she asked me how magnets worked. So I explained, with my very limited knowledge, what magnetic pulls were and how they worked. She's like her dad in that she always wants to know why, and she looks for the bigger picture in everything.

We never did find the bull frog. However, Gabe and I did learn an awful lot about the local fowl, and Anniston got to analyze lots of new things.

Monday, April 11, 2016

SD for Easter

We lucked out and had the opportunity to go to San Diego for Easter. Anniston was beyond excited to see her "friends," Grammy, G.G., Uncle Chris, Uncle James, Aunt Kas and Logan. Throughout our whole visit, I was just in awe of how blessed Gabe and I are to have family who loves our children just as much as we do. They dote on both of them so much, and Anniston is always in heaven when we visit. She likes to call my parents house her other house. Ha. It's hard living away from them, but a 5 hour drive really isn't too bad. If only Gabe's family were a 5 hour drive away too.