Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bus Stop

Night classes are not my forte. Especially when you are an old lady like myself and have a bed time which is around 10:30 PM. But the only Chemistry 102 class that BSU offered was at night, which means I gotta suck it up as and drink lots of mountain dew. Mountain Dew is pretty much my life source or eywa. The only plus to my downer night Chem Class is that Gabe and I get to take it together. But you know how I wrote a post yesterday about loving the walk to school. Well Gabe has no love for the walk, pretty much he is lazy bum. No, he just has to work all day on his feet. So the walk to school has no appeal to him. Instead we take the BSU shuttle to school. 

Waiting for the Shuttle can actually be quite enjoyable if you are with the right person, like your husband. Oppose to some randoms, where you all just sit around not talking and trying to avoid any type of eye contact.  As for our Chem class we had Lab, the experiment we worked on took two and a half hours.  That time consisted of us staring and waiting for the experiment to turn from yellow to clear.  The reason it took so long is because our instructor forgot to mention that we needed to add more of a chemical for the transformation to occur.  On the positive side, during that grueling two and half hours we made lots of friends in our class. 

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