Thursday, December 19, 2013

Anniston's 5 months

  • Anniston now weighs 16 lb 8 oz.
  • Usually sleeps through the night.
  • Is now eating oatmeal cereal and it's one of the funniest things to watch. She acts like she absolutely hates it at first and then gets supper aggressive toward the end. 
  • Still isn't rolling over, but rolls from side to side all over the place.  She refuses to roll to her tummy. Stubborn little thing.
  • Loves dark-skinned people.  Most strangers have a hard time getting a smile out of Anni, but if you have a dark complexion, she will smile at you all day. I attribute this to her Aunt Ari being so sweet to her. :) 
  • Loves the chilly weather we've been having.  On our nippy morning walks, she always has a huge smile on her face. 
  • Is really enjoying all of the Christmas lights everywhere.  She is always in awe of them.
  • Her love for my parents dog, Jake, grows stronger and stronger everyday.  It's so sad that he doesn't reciprocate the feeling. Oh, unrequited love.
  • Is starting to get rather clingy to her father and I. I guess it's a good thing. At least I know she is securely attached to us.  But it sure does breaks a lot of people's hearts. 
  • Christmas music has been her rhythm lately.  We rock out and dance to holiday music all day.