Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Break

Back in March, we ended up making a last minute trip to San Diego, because my grandmother passed away and her funeral was that week. It was a really depressing reason to come out, but we tried to make the best out of it.  It was also, conveniently, my spring break so Gabe and I got to say in San Diego for a whole week!  Most of that time we dedicated to working on preparation for my grandmothers funeral but we did squeeze in a little fun. 

Breakdown of our trip to San Diego

My brother Chris's 27th birthday happened to be that week.  Chris, Gabe, and I made an ice cream cake for his birthday, which tasted pretty dang good.  * brushes shoulder off*  

Spent lots of time with family.....Missing a few lovely faces 

 Squeezed in a used book store trip with this lovely lady.  Hillcrest is used bookstore heaven!!

Went to Gabe and I's favorite people's (Heather and Kevin) gender reveal party for their little pea.  We actually already knew what Heather was having, because she didn't think we would be able to attend her party, seeing how we were suppose to be 972 miles away.  I almost slipped and told people what she was having so many times.  Sorry poop! :) 

 And she is having..........A Boy!! It's been so fun having my best friend being pregnant at the same time as me and I cant wait for our little ones to play together and be best buds.

Lastly, and of course sadly, we had my grandmothers funeral.  It was a lovely ceremony conducted by my uncle Mike and Auntie Jayne.  My grandmother would have been very pleased with how it turned out.  RIP Grandma we love you and your feisty spirit!