Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wilderness K & G

Gabe and I have felt pretty lame because we have lived in Boise for 11 months and haven't headed up the surrounding mountains.  We decided to put an end to that today.  This morning we packed ourselves up some snacks and loads of water, because I'm kinda like a addict when it comes to water, and headed up to the wilderness.  Becoming, one with nature, was great.  We had a contest to see who was more stealthy in the forest and I totally won even though Gabe refuses to admit it. I discovered the awesomeness that is staffs/walking sticks.  Walking around with my staff made me feel like Gandalf strolling around Middle Earth.  Unfortunately, we didn't see any wildlife, besides the occasional crow, but it was still a splendid afternoon. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Have you ever heard of a Crabapple?  Well, I sure haven't, but "apparently" they grow in the park behind our apartments.  Gabe saw them on the ground when we were taking little Jimi on his daily walk.  When he noticed what they were, his face lit up and he scurried up the closest tree like a freaking squirrel. ha When he jumped down, he had one of these so called crabapples in his hand and took a big bite of one right there and then.  I almost had a heart attack!  I told him he didn't know for sure that those were  crabapples and that they might be "crapapples" which might be poisonous.  All he said was, "Well, we will find out."  Freaking crazy person! Nothing happened to him, thank goodness! But I'm still not fully convinced that they weren't poisonous because Gabe has a very high immune system from living in the swamps of Louisiana. I also think that's why he can scurry up a tree as fast he can.  Little wilderness child. ha 

The P Patch

First, I would like to put up a disclaimer.  All of the pictures above were taken after dark so yeah they aren't the greatest.  Now with that being said, on with the blog. Gabe and I had decided earlier in the week that we wanted to go to some of haunted house because being the lame old people we are, we don't plan on doing anything exciting for halloween.  Dare I say, we don't even plan on dressing up.  I know shame shame on us, right? Anyways we went to a Haunted Corn Maze because corn fields in general creep me out. A haunted one was sure to make me lose my liquids. ha  Anyways, enough about my liquids, the haunted corn maze didn't open till sun down so we showed up accordingly. The corn maze was pretty intense but the best part was we got to go through with four teenage boys who screamed the whole entire time.  It made the experience so much better.  Another plus to going with four screaming boys was that the scary creatures pretty much ignored us and just chased them around.  FYI, the more you scream at a haunted house, the more the monsters follow.  Once we left the corn maze, we saw all these little children's running around all happy with their pumpkins and  we couldn't resist we had to get some for ourselves.  The only problem was it was pitch black outside. But we didn't let this stop us, we were determined to get us some pumpkins.  We improvised and used Gabe's phone as a flash light.  Yes, we did fall a few times, and stepped in a lot of mud.  In the end, we got ourselves some mighty fine pumpkins..... We also got ourselves two nice head colds to go with them too.  But it was totally worth it.

Also, those tobassco salt and pepper shakers are awesome!
Also also, didn't our pumpkins turn out great.  If you can't tell Gabe's is a ninja turtle and mine is Yoshi. 

Friday, October 21, 2011


I am one of those strange people who thoroughly enjoys walking just of the sake of walking. I like to imagine I am like Elizabeth Bennet in this way.   I can walk for hours and be completely content, especially while wearing my awesome combat boots. They make me feel all hardcore and stuff. Gabe is more like Mr. Darcy, because at first he didn't understand the beauty in just walking for the sheer joy of it.   But alas, Gabe I believe has developed a taste for it.  Today we walked for about two miles and he didn't even start to complain until we began walking back.  The trick is to keep Gabe occupied and keep his mind off of actually walking. ha Like today for example, I distracted Gabe by having him pick up a bunch of pine cones for me because I plan on making Christmas ornaments out of them. Yes, I am one of those crafty nerdy people. I figured this would keep his mind busy for a while because Gabe is what people like to call a perfectionist. Last week when we went to the store to buy popcorn he spent 20 min looking at all the different boxes labels.  Needless to say, he searched for the most perfect pinecones while continaully mocking how ugly the ones I was picking up were.  We have such a loving relationship. ha  

Chef Gabriel

Monday and Tueday of this week, I worked and Gabe stayed home for a change.  Bless Gabe's little heart, he made two very delicious dinners for us.  My favorite of the two meals was the cilantro and onion hamburgers.  Now, I'm not a huge fan of hamburgers but I usually eat more than I would like because Gabe is pure carnivore and loves burgers. But the burgers Gabe made were perfection.  Adding to their perfection was the fact that I just got to sit back and watch while they were being made.   So, if you were wondering how my week has been, the answer is fantastic.