Monday, September 19, 2011


Gabe and I are really hating our classes this semester, like so much that today I wanted to stab my eyeballs out in chemistry. Which has brought us to the conclusion that nursing just might not be the right career path for us.  We decided to do what any responsible student would do, pout for a few days and then make an appointment with the career advisor.  We both had our appointments today.  Gabe was out of his within 15 minutes because he pretty much already knows what he is going to switch to. I was the complete opposite. My appointment lasted 45 minutes and not just because I jabbered on forever.  But because I had so many different areas I was interested in. After deliberating the pro's and con's for each job I am leaning toward social work for two reasons, I have a lot of experience and because I have always wanted to help people in need. 
There is a very good chance this will all change by next week. Oh the wonderfulness of being so indecisive.

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