Friday, November 16, 2012

Air Jaws

I like to call this segment of pictures, "Air Jaws," Jimi style. 

First, he was walking around like it's no big deal and then he said, in spanish, because Jimi speaks spanish......

"Oh! Mira que la hoja de mirada deliciosa flotaba a mi man era!" Which translates to, "Oh! Look at that delicious looking leaf floating my way," and then he was like.........

"Es mío!" Or in English, "IT'S MINE!!!"

So our dog happens to really love eating, chasing, laying, and even pooping in leaves.  Basically, Jimi is a big fan of leaves. 

Here are a few other gems we took of Jimi, demonstrating his undying love for leaves.

"Es mío!"

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Pen

So this is a little late............. But the weekend before Halloween, Gabe and I decided to check out the old Idaho penitentiary.  We figured it was something somewhat spooky we could do for Halloween, considering: 1. We are both huge babies when it comes to scary stuff and 2. Because Gabe had work on Halloween.  It turns out the old penitentiary is the opposite of scary and actually pretty awesome.  We walked around the grounds for a good two hours, just in awe at how cool it was.  The penitentiary design, to us, looked like a castle. I'm sure that was not the intention of the architect who built it, but hey, it now makes for a really awesome landmark.  
Living in Boise has been such a fun adventure for Gabe and I, because we are always finding some new place to explore.  I'm really going to miss it here when we move.  I guess Gabe and I are just going to have to live it up while we are here.  Expect lots of pictures from our adventures.  :)  


My little brother, Nate, Katie, and I were talking about Nate's future and he decided he wanted to become a member of the Utah Jazz, so off we went. Katie and I fully supported him in his decision, so we drove him down to Utah. While doing a little research, I found that Utah originates from an Apache Indian word (yuttahih), which means "one that is higher up." Europeans thought the word referred to Indians living higher in the mountains than the Navajo - the territory became known as the land of the Utes, and eventually Utah. And honestly, before I looked this up, I didn't know what a Ute was. I feel a little ashamed. Anyway, back to my story. The truth is Nathan is planning on starting school soon. He planned to move down to Utah to be next to our sister and start school at UVU. So we packed Nathan up and went on a six hour road trip to Provo, Utah, where we got to see our Uncle Clinto, our cousins, Eric and Bilbo, and we also met Lindsey's boyfriend, Brandon. When we got to Provo, we had In-N-Out, which I was craving, and helped Nate unpack. Katie, Jimi, and I stayed in a hotel the first night, where I convinced Katie to sneak in the pool with me after hours. But we left Jimi in the hotel room, because as much as Katie likes to think he can swim, he just sinks. The next day, Katie, Jimi, Nathan, Lindsey, Brandon, and I went shooting and then ate dinner at Brandon's parents house for Brandon's birthday party. We feel like we've known the guy for a while now, celebrating his birthday and eating the habanero peppers from his garden. It was fun. We had a nice dinner and candy corn mixed with peanuts, which is awesome by the way. Who would've guessed that adding the perfect mix of peanuts into candy corn would taste so brilliant? Afterwards, we went to visit my Uncle Clinto and Eric, where we talked about life and ate a second dinner, on Uncle Clint. My family convinced us to stay another night, which wasn't very hard to do. We left the next morning. After a few long goodbyes, Katie, Jimi, and I headed back to Boise. Without our buddy, Nate. The next morning, Jimi ran up the stairs to find an empty room and no Nathan to jump on. He looked so sad when he walked down the stairs with his little frowny face. Good thing Thanksgiving will be here soon, because Nathan, Lindsey, and Eric are coming up to Boise to spend the holiday with us! 

Photography by Katie.