Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Rents

The Snowden one. ha

First off, I would like to state that I have the most wonderful, awesome and loving parents ever!  Now that thats taken care of, i'll get onto our weekend.  My parents flew into Boise Friday for my birthday, exhibit A of why they are so great. Unfortunately, Gabe had work that evening so I dropped him off at work and then hauled butt over to the airport to pick them up. Despite Gabe being absent, my parents and I had a delightful evening together. We got taco bell, my favorite, and went to a movie. Now, winters in Boise aren't the most exciting because its freaking cold outside so your activities are limited.  First we went to a yummy Vegetarian and Tea restaurant, more on that in a different post, then went up to the mountains to play in the snow. Later that evening, we planned to go out to a really nice dinner for my birthday but changed our minds and went to one of our favorite Italian restaurants, Papa Joe's. It was perfect! We sat next to the fire place and talked about funny random stuff while nibbling on yummy food.  Papa Joe's was actually what I really wanted. I'm not really a big fan of fancy restaurants and all the hustle and bustle of waiters running around and people being packed in a small area. I guess that's just the hermit in me coming out. ha. I can honestly say that my parents are my favorite people to be around, Gabe thinks so too. They are just so loving and kind. I'm so glad and so blessed to have them as parents. 

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