Thursday, January 5, 2012

boxes, boxes and more boxes

Packing really sucks! Especially when you're doing it all alone because your wonderful husband is working 10 hour days.  Although packing sucks, I found a few treasures.  I found and wore Gabe's Ninja Turtle tee shirt all day and I'm planning on stealing it from him. I'm sure he won't mind, it's only his favorite shirt of all time. ha The second little treasure I found was my old anatomy book, which happens to be one of my most prized possessions. I could have sold it back for like $100 but I couldn't give away. The book that made me fall in love with science.  Plus, I'm not even sure they would even let me sell it back because I nerded out and wrote all over the place. It's pretty awesome! 

Unpacking, on the other hand, is awesome! We had so much help, it was amazing!  A bunch of men from our church came and helped us as well as Gabe and I's bestie, Shalis.  With all the help, we moved in a jiffy.  Also, Shalis helped me clean our old apartment out, which was super gross, I kinda slacked on the cleaning the last month we were there, oops!  Shalis also helped calm Gabe and I down when we were about to have an aneurysm because our stress levels were getting dangerously high from moving!  So, basically Shalis is Gabe and I's hero, we freaking love that Woman. 

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