Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving in Burley

Us waiting in line.

The Assassin

While shopping Santa gave me a candy cane.

I didn't take any actual pictures of our thanksgiving oops! That's why Gabe is nowhere to be found in the pictures. We were unable to go home for thanksgiving so we decide to spend Thanksgiving with our Burley family. Gabe had to leave Thursday evening because he had work Friday morning. The poor guy had to drive home Thursday night all alone.  I stayed in Burley because my best friend BreeAnn had her baby shower on Saturday. She is having a little girl!  
While I was chilling with the Whiteheads in Burley we went black Friday shopping.  Now, I've been braving the black Friday crowds since 2006 but this year was probably the most epic black Friday experience I have ever had.  The Whitehead ladies are some of the craziest/ funniest women ever!! I flocking love them! ha We actually started our shopping expedition Thursday night at 7:00 PM.  Shalis and I waited in line at Wal-Mart for three hours to get her little brother a very special Christmas present.  At first the idea of sitting still for three hours seemed to be a grueling task, especially for me.  But we met some little friends in line and they introduced us to this amazing game, which as far as I know does not actually have a name some I named it the “The Assassin".  The object of the game is for the first person in the group to draw on a piece of paper some kind of character, it can be anything real, make believe, animal or human. The next person is supposed to draw another character that can kill the previous one.  I know it sounds a little gruesome but it's actually super fun.  I took pictures of a few of our games; they are pretty dang funny because we mostly used fictional characters. 
All in all I had an awesome time with Shalis, BreeAnn, Matt and the rest of the Whitehead clan. We watched lots of Fringe and ate tons of yummy unhealthy food.  The only thing that could have made the trip any better was if Gabe and little Jim could have stayed the whole time. 

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