Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving break

Boise State gives its students a whole week off for Thanksgiving, they are so kind!  I figured I would be totally bogged down with projects and tests to study, like I was during Spring break. Nope, I'm free as a bird. Well as free as a bird without wings, at least till 3:00pm when Gabriel gets home.  Jimi and I have been keeping ourselves busy with napping (Jimi), reading and crocheting stuff (Me).  So when I received a wonderful email from the Boise Library telling me that I had three new books in, it was like a little piece of Christmas.  I got right out of bed and bundled myself and Jimi up, because its pretty dang chilly out, and headed out to the library. I'm not really sure what library policy is on dogs but they let bums in there so I figured it was cool.  Turns out they don't really care, at least no one said anything to me.  And we were not discrete.  I mean, I tried to be but every freaking kid in the Library felt it was necessary to yell "Oh My Gosh Mom, look, their is a dog in the library!"ha 

Gabe and I are now heading out to find me a book light. This is because it seems to be distracting for Gabe to have a bright light shining in his face while he is trying to sleep because I stay up and read.  Who would have thought? ha 

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