Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why the Grinch

 I'm not really sure why I always seem to take a picture of my feet! ha But aren't my green tights awesome?

Tonight Gabe, Jimi and I embarked on a mission to find streets with the best Christmas lights in Boise.  While drinking our yummy gas station hot chocolate, laced with vanilla and hazelnut coffee creamers, we searched and searched. We were disappointed to find that very few houses in Boise were decked out in their Christmas finest. This got me to thinking, Christmas has always been my all time favorite holiday. Recently though, I have heard a lot of my friends talking about how they hate Christmas and how it is overrated and stressful.  This really broke my heart and I didn't understand, because I have never thought of Christmas as stressful or overrated.  Also, I just couldn't understand how someone could hate such a happy and giving holiday, which is based on celebrating our Savior's birth.
Now, I know many people will say that Jesus wasn't really born in December but really who celebrates Christ's birth in April or whenever the supposed correct month was, no one that's who. ha  Anyways, I digress, the point is I think I discovered why I, unlike many people, still love this time of year.  Growing up in the Pilley household, everyone received one gift for Christmas and a stocking filled with random candies and there was always an orange at the bottom. My mom is a little bit of a heath nut so she probably thought an orange would balance out the candy. I used to get jealous of my friends when they would call me and tell me everything they got for Christmas. Now, I realize that because my parents did not give us tons of gifts for Christmas, we learned to cherish the holiday for a different reason than receiving. Instead, we learned to cherish time spent with family and the birth of Jesus Christ.  Still, one of my favorite things about Christmas is buying gifts for my loved ones. Receiving them has never been very important to me .  In fact, recently, when people ask me what I want, I usually respond with I have everything I need.  I mean, I wouldn't mind getting some clothes, but if I'm honest with myself, I have plenty of clothes. ha. The point of this post was definitely not to preach about how giving gifts is bad, because I do not think that at all! I just believe maybe finding quality gifts vs. quantity is much more valuable to the person who is receiving. 


  1. I support your view of Christmas:) For me, it's about being with family, playing games together, eating food, and best of all, watching my nieces and nephews (and now my own son) opening presents. Watching all the kids get so excited is my favorite part. I sometimes forget to open my own gifts. Also, this year I'm doing all homemade gifts (they look incredible I might ad)!

  2. Thanks Curtis and Savannah I'm glad you guys still love Christmas too. Also, Gabe and I are doing homemade gift this year as well. I think it's so much more fun when you do, because you actually have to put thought into the present, not just money.