Sunday, December 11, 2011

Carpet Picnic

Super random right? 

To Gabriel's pleasure, he is no longer a CNA.  He now has a new job in marketing, but before he left his last job, one of Gabe's favorite patients gave him a gift card to GoodWood Barbecue.  He was so excited when he came home with the card and the gift card inside. We decided to go eat there that very same night.  This was a new experience for the both of us, because neither of us had ever been to GoodWood, but it was delectable. After dinner, we came home and I made some gingersnapish tea, while Gabe spread out a blanket and got his awesome Marvel playing cards. We played about 10 games of speed, where I totally kicked Gabe's booty on 9 out of 10 of those games.  Gabe decided to quit once he won the last one, I think he wanted to quit while he was still ahead. ha. The rest of the night was spent debating which Marvel superhero was the best.  I say its all of the X-men, Gambit being at the top, and Gabe argues Spiderman, but we finally decided they both have mad skills. ha. 

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