Friday, October 21, 2011


I am one of those strange people who thoroughly enjoys walking just of the sake of walking. I like to imagine I am like Elizabeth Bennet in this way.   I can walk for hours and be completely content, especially while wearing my awesome combat boots. They make me feel all hardcore and stuff. Gabe is more like Mr. Darcy, because at first he didn't understand the beauty in just walking for the sheer joy of it.   But alas, Gabe I believe has developed a taste for it.  Today we walked for about two miles and he didn't even start to complain until we began walking back.  The trick is to keep Gabe occupied and keep his mind off of actually walking. ha Like today for example, I distracted Gabe by having him pick up a bunch of pine cones for me because I plan on making Christmas ornaments out of them. Yes, I am one of those crafty nerdy people. I figured this would keep his mind busy for a while because Gabe is what people like to call a perfectionist. Last week when we went to the store to buy popcorn he spent 20 min looking at all the different boxes labels.  Needless to say, he searched for the most perfect pinecones while continaully mocking how ugly the ones I was picking up were.  We have such a loving relationship. ha  

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