Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The P Patch

First, I would like to put up a disclaimer.  All of the pictures above were taken after dark so yeah they aren't the greatest.  Now with that being said, on with the blog. Gabe and I had decided earlier in the week that we wanted to go to some of haunted house because being the lame old people we are, we don't plan on doing anything exciting for halloween.  Dare I say, we don't even plan on dressing up.  I know shame shame on us, right? Anyways we went to a Haunted Corn Maze because corn fields in general creep me out. A haunted one was sure to make me lose my liquids. ha  Anyways, enough about my liquids, the haunted corn maze didn't open till sun down so we showed up accordingly. The corn maze was pretty intense but the best part was we got to go through with four teenage boys who screamed the whole entire time.  It made the experience so much better.  Another plus to going with four screaming boys was that the scary creatures pretty much ignored us and just chased them around.  FYI, the more you scream at a haunted house, the more the monsters follow.  Once we left the corn maze, we saw all these little children's running around all happy with their pumpkins and  we couldn't resist we had to get some for ourselves.  The only problem was it was pitch black outside. But we didn't let this stop us, we were determined to get us some pumpkins.  We improvised and used Gabe's phone as a flash light.  Yes, we did fall a few times, and stepped in a lot of mud.  In the end, we got ourselves some mighty fine pumpkins..... We also got ourselves two nice head colds to go with them too.  But it was totally worth it.

Also, those tobassco salt and pepper shakers are awesome!
Also also, didn't our pumpkins turn out great.  If you can't tell Gabe's is a ninja turtle and mine is Yoshi. 

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