Sunday, October 9, 2011



The whole reason we went to Salt Lake this weekend was because of General Conference.  I had never been before and let me tell you, it was totally worth it.  I even stayed awake during the whole thing, which never happens when I sit on my bum at home and watch. This was my favorite talk of the whole day. Our friends Bree and Matt met us there, which was pretty awesome because we love them and haven't seen them in FOREVER! Okay, maybe like 3 months, but still, it felt like forever!! 
After Conference ended, we reluctantly said our goodbyes to Bree and Matt, then drove back to my aunt and uncles house.  We stayed at their house over the weekend, which by the way, is freaking huge!  We had the most delicious lunch with them and my cousin Rachel and her family.  It's pretty awesome that we get to spend time with them now, because living in San Diego had prevented us from being able to see each other often before.  After our bellies were very full from lunch, we headed back out on the road.  Then I broke out some rock candy suckers to give us a little sugar rush for the long drive home. 

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