Sunday, October 16, 2011

Robot Keys

I'm kinda loving Gabe having weekends off with his new job.  We actually are able to go out and do stuff on the weekends, isn't that a concept? ha We have pretty much been taking full advantage of it.  Friday, after both of us got home from school, we went to Cafe Rio for dinner.  Now, I'm a little new to the whole Cafe Rio thing, but boy did it blow my mind.  Like holy moly, pure wonderfulness in my mouth. After dinner, I was on a mission to find my friend Heather a birthday gift, which is a really hard task for me. We have very different styles, but don't fret, I found something glorious for her.  In the middle of mission, "find Heather a splendid gift," Gabe and I found ourselves a gift as well.  
Those awesome robot key covers above.  I know, mind blowingly awesome. 
Also, I'm a big fan of naming inadament objects, so of course, Gabe and I had to name our robot key friends. Gabe's or the red one is Bender.  Mine, the one with the lime green eyes, which by the way is my favorite color, name is R2-D2.  Yeah, we have mad skills in naming things. 


  1. i lovee you!!


  2. p.s. cutee keys.! kev and i want some. :)

  3. I love you too poop! And don't worry we'll get you some for Christmas K.

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  5. That sounds positively awesome! Thank you Curtis, we will most definitely try it.