Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Have you ever heard of a Crabapple?  Well, I sure haven't, but "apparently" they grow in the park behind our apartments.  Gabe saw them on the ground when we were taking little Jimi on his daily walk.  When he noticed what they were, his face lit up and he scurried up the closest tree like a freaking squirrel. ha When he jumped down, he had one of these so called crabapples in his hand and took a big bite of one right there and then.  I almost had a heart attack!  I told him he didn't know for sure that those were  crabapples and that they might be "crapapples" which might be poisonous.  All he said was, "Well, we will find out."  Freaking crazy person! Nothing happened to him, thank goodness! But I'm still not fully convinced that they weren't poisonous because Gabe has a very high immune system from living in the swamps of Louisiana. I also think that's why he can scurry up a tree as fast he can.  Little wilderness child. ha 


  1. :)
    We use to have a Crabapple tree in my front yard as a kid.

  2. Really!? Oh good, that makes me feel a little bit better that there are actually crabapple trees in Boise Do they taste good?