Sunday, May 11, 2014

One For the Cows

While we were in Utah, we stumbled upon a quaint little public farm.  We decided to venture in, figuring Anniston would enjoy hanging out with some farm animals. Now, I was always a cliché little girl and ponies were my favorite farm animal.  Anniston, however, could pretty much have cared less about the ponies,  she was all about the cows.  She was in love from the moment she set her little eyes on those black and white beauties. Before we made our way over to where the cows lived, we stopped at the horses.  We tried to encourage Anniston to pet one of them, but she wasn't going for it.  But as soon as she saw the cows, she was reaching her little hands out as far as she could, trying to give one a pat.  It was so cute! We also got to milk a cow, which was pretty cool, and a little messy.   Anniston just assisted Gabe by petting Francis to keep her calm during the milking process. The farm was definitely a hit for Anniston!

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