Sunday, May 11, 2014

Welcoming Baby Blaklee

This past weekend, we ventured to Utah to meet Anniston's new cousin.  We were all pretty excited to meet little baby Blaklee and she did not disappoint.  She is seriously so adorable and tiny!  I've been told Blaklee looks a lot like Anniston.  You can decide for yourself, but all I can say is those Lawrence genes are strong! It's so fun to see the Lawrence/Bare family growing so much.  Anniston has another little baby girl cousin joining the Lawrence family in August.  I just love that all our little girls are going to be so close in age.  10 months ago, Gabe's parents only had two granddaughter's and they will soon have 5 granddaughters and have yet to have a grandson.  Anniston still needs to meet her two beautiful cousins in Louisiana.  However, with it being the first time meeting/terorizing her little cousin, Blaklee, she seemed pretty content.  Hopefully all of the cousins can meet when we visit in August to welcome the next Lawrence addition. We are so incredibly happy for Blaklee's parents, Lindsey and Brandon!  They are wonderful with their beautiful baby girl and you can definitely feel the emense love they have for their daughter.  

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