Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Anniston's 10 Months

Anniston at 10 months old weighs 19 lb 7 oz
  • Anni is officially crawling! Hooray! She started crawling about 3 weeks ago, we were so excited!
  • Climbing on everything is her favorite pastime. 
  • Loves chicken. I don't know how I'm going to explain to her that her grandparents chickens, that she loves so much, are the same things that she also loves to eat. 
  • Pretty much refuses to let me feed her, because she wants to do it herself.  No more purees for this little grown up, only finger foods. 
  • Obsessed with music, she mostly likes Jack Johnson and island/reggae music, because she listens to it with her daddy every night, but likes anything with a beat that she can clap to.
  • Her vocabulary hasn't changed much since last month; however, she did say "tank you" twice and "pony" once.  Sadly, I only have witnesses for the latter. 
  • Cows are her new barn yard buddies.
  • Loves picking flowers and playing in the dirt.
  • Is a pretty well-traveled 10 month old.  She has been on a plane 4 times and traveled to Utah and Vegas twice and all over the Northern California coast. 
  • Attempts to mimic everything Gabe or I do.
  • Likes to look at books all by her big girl self. It's so precious and makes my bookworm heart smile. 
  • Is starting to become quite friendly toward people, as long as one of her parents is very close by.

Photography by Daddy

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