Friday, November 1, 2013


Halloween was a rough one for little Miss Anniston.  She was grumpy pretty much the whole day.  Maybe it was the whole watching everyone else happily eating candy and she couldn't have any. Who knows?  Gabe and I, however, had lots of fun with our bestest friends, Heather, Kevin, and Heather's parents.  Much to my mothers dismay, we don't really get any trick or treaters at my parents house.  So Gabe and I trekked over to Heather's parents, because masses of children come down their street.  It was lots of fun eating chili and nachos, while watching Logan and Anniston somewhat paying together. Their playing mostly consists of one of them accidentally hitting the other in the face with a flailing limb or Anniston chewing on Logan's hand. Nonetheless, because they are babies, it is adorable. Ha. I hope next year Anniston is a happier camper and I hope everyone else had a safe and happy Halloween!

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