Sunday, November 3, 2013

That Itty BItty Smile

There are a lot of things I believe people make out to be better than they really are, pizza and graduating from high school are some things that come to mind. Gabe would not agree with pizza being made out to be better than it really is, but I think it is. However, motherhood…. motherhood is one hundred times better than anyone made it out to be! Now, it is also just as trying as everyone said, especially when Anniston decides to cry for an hour straight, because she refuses to take a nap, like she's doing now. Gabe is singing her to sleep as I type this. All of the crying and trying times are made up for by one itty bitty smile. It's just so amazing to me how fast she is learning and growing.  I was the youngest of three and didn't really have any younger relatives, so honestly, Anniston is the first baby I've ever spent a lot of time around.  Everything she learns and does completely amazes me.  The fact that she already has opinions on things dumbfounds me everyday.  One thing that I am particularly happy about is in the past three weeks, Anniston has shown a love for animals. She loves dogs, and today, when we took her to the duck pond at Mast Park, she was mesmerized by the ducks swimming around.  She sat in her stroller and laughed and squealed with excitement as she watched the ducks eat the pieces of bread we were feeding them.  It was one of the most adorable things I have ever witnessed, but I am kind of bias. 

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