Monday, November 18, 2013

A Birthday In Julian With Wolves

Anniston with the wolf stuffed animal we got her. She really liked it. 

Tuesday was my wonderful mother's birthday.  And when I say wonderful, I absolutely mean it.  My mom is the kindest, most easy going, and loving person I know.  She has always been an extremely good example to me and I've really started to appreciate the things she has done for me now that I am also a mother. I really hope that when Anniston grows up, she will think as highly of me, and have as much respect for me, that I do for my mother. 
Anyways, to celebrate this wonderful woman's birthday, we went up to the California Wolf Center.  We are a family full of animal lovers so we really like places that have wildlife involved.  The preserve was really informative and I was surprised at how close the wolves actually got to us.  Sadly, most of the pictures turned out blurry and the fence was in the way.  But I definitely recommend paying the California Wolf Center a visit so you can see these shy, beautiful animals and also gain a little knowledge about them.  
After the wolf preserve, we headed to the little town of Julian to get some apple pie. And seriously, the boysenberry apple pie is the best pie I have ever tasted.  Gabe and I highly recommend it, if you ever just so happen to be in Julian.  All in all, I think my mom had a pretty good birthday. Honestly, I think her favorite part of the whole trip was having her whole family with her on her special day.  

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