Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Anniston's 3 Months

Every month with this little one truly just keeps getting better and better.  We love watching her grow and change so much each day. 
  • At 3 months, Anniston is now 14 lb 4 oz and 24 in long and is in the 85th percentile for height and weight. 
  • Went on her very first vacation to Utah. 
  • Her colic seems to be almost completely gone but now she is teething.  Oh joy! 
  • Never wants to stay home.  Always wants to be out and about.  So little time and so much to see is her motto.
  • Has turned into quite the creeper.  She enjoys just staring at people for like 20 min without blinking.  This particularly creeps out my friend Heather.  Gabe and I however find it hilarious.
  • Fridays have become her favorite day, because it's library day.  Our trips go like this; I show Anniston a book. If she smiles, then it's a keeper. If she gets upset or seems uninterested, then it goes back on the shelf.  
  • She is amazed by the little animals on the feet of her pajamas.  She will laugh and stare at them for like 30 min.  So cute!!
  • Is holding her head up so well.  Seeing the world is much easier when you are sitting upright. :)
  • Can completely roll over with the help of gravity.  I'm not sure if that counts or not. ha 
  • Is always chewing on her hands or a blanket.  She has started to develop calluses on her fingers.  Freaking teething!! 
  • We also found out that she has an intolerance to cows milk, which we believe she got from me, because I also have a hard time with dairy.  Since Anniston was born, I have had to supplement with formula, because I don't produce enough milk. She is now on a hypoallergenic formula that makes her a much happier camper. :) 

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