Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Anniston's 4 months

Anniston's fourth month has been a good one.  She has been a very happy girl and has been growing so fast. I swear she is almost too big for her carseat. 
  • Anniston, at 4 months, weighs 15 lb 10 oz, and she is in the 85th percentile in weight, 90th in height and 65th in head circumference.  Basically, the only thing average about Anni is her head size. ha 
  • Has traded in her love for books for a love for music. We still get her to sit still for a story every day, but they have to be relatively short ones. 
  • Absolutely loves dogs, especially my parents dog, Jake. However, I'm not sure the feeling is mutual.  Anniston kicked him once and he still hasn't forgiven her.
  • Has decided that singing and babbling to herself is the most fun at 4 am. 
  • Likes to chew on other peoples hands when she gets the opportunity.
  • Is a big fan of hanging out in the kitchen and watching me cook. She's already obsessed with food and she has never even tried it. ha 
  • No longer likes to hang out in her stroller.  This princess likes to be carried everywhere. 
  • Outside is her favorite place to be, other than being held in someone's arms. 
  • No longer likes taking naps.  That's been fun! 
  • Still has a tint of red in her hair, which i'm hoping stays. Her pediatrician even called her a redhead this week. 
  • Is not a fan of relief society, but really, I can't blame her. ha 

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