Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cabin Fever

         This weekend, San Diego finally got some rain, and it needed it. I was so thrilled, because I absolutely love the rain! However, I've started to realize how inconveniencing rain can be, especially in a city full of people that don't know how to drive in it. On another note, I'm pretty sure Anni is teething, if you can't tell by her lovely necklace of slobber in the picture above. 
          Anniston is a nature baby. The girl loves to be outside! The backyard is usually our go to escape if Anniston is being really fussy, but with it raining all weekend, we lost that very useful distraction. It has been fun trying to keep Anni entertained while being stuck in the house, because Anni gets bored easily and likes to keep busy like her mommy.  
        While Anniston was playing with daddy, I took some time to build a fort for her to play in. To be completely honest, I built it for myself, but she still enjoyed it for a good hour before she was completely over it. Thank goodness the rain stopped when she started crying, because when we took her outside, her crying stopped instantly. I don't know about most people, but I love being outside right after a decent rain. The smell is amazing and everything looks green and brand new.  
        While we were outside, Gabe started kicking the soccer ball around and Gabe and I started up a quick little one on one game of soccer. Anni was overjoyed! Gabe taught her how to kick the ball...well, kind of. She IS only 7 months old. She mostly just wanted to hurl herself toward the ball so she could try to put it in her mouth, but we haven't come across anything that she hasn't tried to taste. Just for the record, playing soccer in rain boots and a skirt is not the best idea. 

I am so glad for all of the rain this weekend, but am very much looking forward to that wonderful California sunshine to return!

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