Friday, February 21, 2014

Anniston's 7 Months

  • Anniston at 7 months now weighs 18 lb 5oz and is 27 inches long. She is in the 75th percentile for both weight and height.
  • Flew on an airplane for the first time like a champ! 
  • Has a new obsession with hands, hers and everyone else's. 
  • Loves to stick out her tongue and lick everything. I'm sure you can tell from the pictures above. :) 
  • Is becoming much more friendly to people. Also, to our surprise and pleasure, she is becoming more open to new people holding her. 
  • Seems to really like children and other babies. She must sense that she is one of them. 
  • This week she got her first real sickness and it has been awful.  She is so sad and is up all night.  Hopefully she will recover soon.
  • We also discovered that Anniston has eczema.  Luckily, the doctor said she has it very mild, so hopefully she grows out of it quickly.
  • Is now taking regular naps throughout the day.  Thank Freaking Goodness! 
  • She absolutely loves the song Shake Your Sillies out. 
  •  Her favorite things to babble are mama and dada.  It melts our hearts!  I know, I know, she doesn't know what she is saying, but whatever, we still love it! 

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