Saturday, March 22, 2014

Anniston's 8 months

Anniston at 8 months weight 19 lb and is 28 inches long.  

  • She still loves being outside. It's her happy place. :) If something upsets her, we take her outside and everything is better.  Thank goodness for the backyard. 
  • Has a strange fascination with zippers. Once, I timed how long she played with a zipper on her pajamas. She was entertained for 43 freaking minutes! 
  • Is becoming more mobile, still no crawling, but she now likes to explore beyond sitting in one spot.
  • Thinks books are quite tasty. She likes when we read them to her too.   
  • Is obsessed with saying dada.
  • Loves playing catch with her daddy.  She's actually pretty accurate with her throws.  Speaking of throwing, she likes to throw everything on the ground. She reminds me of this video:
  • Is finally starting to get her two front bottom teeth in.  
  • When she gets excited, she likes to do her own version of clapping her hands.  She basically just waves her arms all over the place, but sometimes her hands actually touch each other.  Hands touching or not, it's pretty freaking adorable. 
  • Has been taking a two hour nap each day and it's seriously glorious! I can actually get stuff done during the day. Hello productivity! 
  • Is a fan of cinnamon.  Not a fan of sippy cups.
  • Has started to giggle a lot more and it's probably Gabe and I's favorite thing ever! 

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