Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Anniston's first Christmas

So christmas was almost a month ago, but better late than never, right?

I'd say Anniston's first Christmas was a success! I mean, do you see her face in the first picture? Ha. Her favorite gift was the ribbon on her present from my parents.  She played with that for like 2 hours!  I wonder why they even make baby toys sometimes. Our Christmas dinner was really small this year, because we were missing some very important members of our family who had to stay in New Mexico for health reasons. We miss them tons.  However, having just my immediate family at Christmas dinner was kind of nice.  We all got to eat and visit at my parents small dining room table, while Anni sat on top of the table, in her Bumbo, eating some banana. She would occasionally add her adorable little squeals to the conversation.  The highlights from this years Christmas were my dad's face when, he for once, got a present he really wanted, my brothers getting more enjoyment out of Anniston's new xylophone than she probably ever will, and lastly, Anni's pure joy playing with her ribbon.  (see pictures above) I'm still recovering from the idea that Christmas is over! I guess it's never too early to start counting down the days till next year. :) 

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