Tuesday, January 21, 2014

After Christmas Visit

The week after Christmas, Gabe's sister and brother and their lovers came to visit. It was a nice after Christmas gift to us. We got to pretend that we were tourists in San Diego with them, which was quite fun. It was Nathan's (Gabe's brother) wife's first time in San Diego so we tried to give her the grand tour, but with one baby, and a prego lady, it proved to be quite an adventure.  Anniston was particularly fussy that week so it made things even more difficult. However, we were able to show Ari a few different beaches, Old Towne, and the Wild Animal Park, all in one week! It was a busy week, but lots of fun!  Gabe, unfortunately, had to work most of the week so Lindsey and her husband, Brandon, were a big help with grumpy Anni. They are going to be awesome parents!  We were so sad to see them go, but look forward to going and visiting in May to see little baby girl Bare.  She will be Anniston's very first cousin.  Gabe, Anniston and I cannot wait! 

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