Sunday, January 19, 2014

Annistons 6 Months

Having a six month old is what I imagine having a pet monkey to be like. Ha. With that being said, I'm loving the six month stage so far! She has so much personality and is also starting to play independently, which is amazing! I love spying on Anni when she is playing independently. I'm just so curious as to what her little mind thinks she should do with all of the toys sprawled out around her.  

  • At six months, Anniston is 17 lb 2 oz.  She is in the 65% percentile in weight and 70th in height. Our chubby baby is starting to not be so chubby. :(
  • Anniston started sitting up about two weeks ago and pretty much refuses to do anything else.
  • Has rolled over a total of four times, which is fine with me, as long as she can do it. Ha. 
  • Started eating solids.  Her favorites, as of now, are sweet potatoes, bananas, sweet peas and apples. She's actually a pretty clean eater.  She must have gotten that from Gabe, because I am the worlds messiest eater. 
  • I think it's finally safe to say that Anniston has hazel green eyes. I like to say she is just like Harry Potter.  She looks just like her father, but has her mothers eyes. Yay!!
  • Her favorite things to play with are her stacking rings, multi-colored shapes, and Poppity Pop Dino, which apparently, everyone else and their mom's have. Gotta' love Target's Black Friday sales. :) 
  • Protests taking naps every day.
  • Her favorite thing to do, besides eating everything, is petting Jake.
  • Loves chillin' with her BFF, Logan. He seems to always get a smile out of her.
  • Still loves being sung to, but hates the music on the radio, which is really saying something about the radio, because I am a terrible singer. Ha.
And that's Anniston at six months!

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