Friday, November 18, 2011


Jimi and I are currently trapped in our apartment. Apparently, the concert landing between the stairs and our front door is being fixed and we are not allowed to leave.  I stayed home from school so that little Jim didn't have a heart attack with all the noises going on outside our front door. Anyways, I thought it might be fun to occupy our time by writing a blog about Gabe, Jimi and My favorite things.

Activity: Playing Madden with his little bro and/or watching Friday Night Lights with his wife.
Food: garlic bread 
Band: Death Cab For Cutie 
Color: sunset orange 
Movie:  Jumanji 
Book: Morris the Moose and The Hunger Games
Animal: gorilla and giraffe

Activity: Reading and/or going on walks with Gabe and little Jim 
Food: It's more of a drink for me than a food, mountain dew baja blast
Band: Led Zeppelin and/or A Day to Remember
Color: lime green as well as  black 
Movie:  Jurassic Park but Se7en comes in a very close second. 
Book: The Hunger Games although I love Harry Potter a whole freaking lot too.
Animal: I have three; wolves, great white sharks and komodo dragon's.
Also, im incapable of picking just one favorite. 

Activity: Chasing squirrels and geese
Food: peanut butter
Band: Jimi Hendrix 
Color: Red, at least that is what we chose for him. All his stuff is red.
Movie: Anything with dogs barking  
Book: The Hunger Games, like his momma. I read it to him sometimes and he really enjoys it.
Animal: himself 

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