Monday, August 29, 2011

S is for Slugs......I mean Summer

Sooo I haven't been doing a very fantastic job with the whole blogging bit.  I hope that stops now! I made a goal today to start blogging everyday even if nothing eventful happens, which is pretty much everyday when all you do is go to school and then come home and do homework.  Yeah I'm a book worm what of it! None the less it will be epic I promise! As for all the weeks I haven't blogged for, they were pretty much spent in the Boise State Library studying my abnormally large butt off for crazy difficult summer school classes.  
which is depicted here and......


I also ate tons of unhealthy food with copious amounts of sugar which may or may not have made me a little crazy! 
but that's really not important! 

Any who, after summer school ended Gabriel and I had one week of summer. Which we spent with our wonderfully amazing friend Shalis.
You may wonder to yourselves why is she amazing. Well don't you fret I'll give you a few reason.
1. She is freaking hilarious. 
2. She introduced Gabe and I. 
3. She is both Gabe and I's best friend.
4. She knows everything about space.
5. She is just as much in love with The Hunger Games as I am.
6. Her name is Shalis, I mean how cool is that!
7. She is always up for a midnight run to Taco bell.
8. We have matching robot necklaces that we named Peeta and Finnick 

Yea, I know you are all jealous of my awesome friend Shalis. Anyways I digress, Shalis came and spent the week with us in Boise, she is from Burley. Needless to say it was a glorious week. We went and saw Rise of The Planet of the Apes. Which I thought was going to be lame because I mean come on that name is awful. Turns out the movie is actually a tear jerker, well at least for me, cuz I'm a crazy tree hugger. I cried like the whole freaking movie, which is saying something cuz I never cry.  I'm pretty much made of stone. We also went to the Mayday Parade and The Cab show, if you don't already know, Mayday Parade is pure amazingness as well as my favorite band. 
Scenes from the show 

We got Italian Ice, which is delectable, if you haven't tried it you simply are missing out on life. 

and watched ridiculous amounts of The Office
 Their were plenty more note worthy event that happened while Shalis was here but I don't have picture evidence so you would never believe me. 

In more recent events.......SCHOOL,SCHOOL and More SCHOOL! 

Yeah my life is pretty glamorous!

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