Friday, June 10, 2011

The List

So I kinda suck at this whole documenting my life story thing. haha Oh well I'm not much of a writer I'm more into lists. Mostly because I am mentally incapable of connecting two ideas. so  we are going to get started with May.
Wonderful May
1. Finshed finals ( best freaking feeling ever)
By the way special thanks to my awesome but crazy Botany teacher Merlin for using the same exact question as his previous test for the final. I thoroughly appreciate benefiting from your laziness.
2. My parents flew into Boise and drove back to San Diego with us within one day. They are so great!!
3. Once in San Diego we pretty much just spent time with our families and some friends.

4. Went to Disneyland with Gabe's Family. Which was awesome but also a very new experience for me personally. It was their first time ever going to a theme park together and to put it lightly they were very overwhelmed. It was actually quite cute. After we went on Space Mountain I got the feeling that Gabe’s family believed I was trying to kill them.

5. The eve of our departure from San Diego Gabe and I actually spent apart.  haha ( its okay we see each other plenty at home)  I went out with my old five best friends from high school. Which was actually pretty spectacular because thanks to those girls I survived high school for the most part  physiological intact.

6. On our two day epic drive home we braved a pretty crazy storm where I feared more than once we were toast but Gabe being the amazingly trusty driver saved us.  Also we had to deal with an Emo Jimi the whole way home. I'm not sure if he was heartbroken because he had to leave his BFF Jake or if it was because of the hatred he felt for us for confining him to a car for 16 hours but he refused to get in the car and when in the car preceded to give Gabe and I very nasty looks.

7. Once we got home me being the loser that I am was stuck at home while Gabe worked pretty much all day. So I read a whole book trilogy (The Hunger Games) in 3 days. They are fazmazmaze books and I think everyone in the whole world should really read them because they convey an amazing message of how horrendous war is.  Anyways I digress, my excitement of the day was before Gabe would go to work I would wake him up extra early so we could go buy the next part of the trilogy. Good thing Gabe loves me cuz I'm pretty much a pain. Anyways after reading these I can honestly say I went through a tad bit of depression. Which is odd for me cuz I'm naturally a pretty optimistic person. Crap I always get off topic. Back to the point. The books were so well written that because the main character was depressed I became physically depressed as well. I think it also had to do with the fact that after I finished the book I could no long read about PEETA MELLARK. Who is pretty much the most amazing fictional character ever!! By far my favorite, even over Mr. Darcy, I mean that’s really saying something. haha Another awesome occurrence that happened because of the irresistible allure of these books Gabe ( Yes my husband Gabe) started to read them and is now finished. Ps. He thought they were the bee's knees as well. So maybe you should check yourself before you wreck yourself and go read these books. Alright I'm done ranting about the fantablism that is The Hunger Games.

PS. did I mention that Gabe reminds me of Peeta, how wonderful is that for me. Yes all you Peeta lovers out there should totally be jealous!!
Jamming June

8. On to the next glorious thing that Gabe already knew about and I discovered during our 2 week summer vacation.  two dollar movie theaters! These places were made for top ramen eating broke as a joke college students. We both went to the movies and got a slurpee (because its a neccessity at the movies) for 6 dollars, it was the shiz man!!
Pss. we went and saw "Source Code" which I personally thought looked dumb but actually was quite excellent.
9. Gabe and I made some friends. I know I know it’s like beyond belief but we actually found some really awesome people that we both like to hang out with. Their names are Erin and Jacob and are pretty much awesome because 1. they love to read just like me and 2. they just are! Also they have two kids named Jane and Owen they are awesome as well.

10. Last Saturday we went and saw "X-Men First Class" and it was everything I dreamed about and more. Oh fun little fact I actually did dream about X-men the night before we went and saw it and Gabe and I actual kicked some mutant hating booty.  Anyways James Mcavoy, over to him. If you didn’t already know( I love how I write like I'm talking to people but no one reads my blog so I'm actually just talking to myself. haha Fruit Cake, I did it again and got off topic!) James Mcavoy is my all-time favorite actor. In 2008 when I was all hopped up on vicodin cuz I got my wisdom teeth removed I totally watched every movie he is ever been in. Yeah I know that’s the freaking kewlest thing you've ever heard. Well James Mcavoy played Charles Xavier and I must say his performance was nothing less than outstanding, so you should go see the movie like right now this instant!!
11. Gabe and I pretty much suck at keeping secrets from each other. Exhibit A. Gabe had me pick out my own engagement ring.  So today on June 10 we gave each other our anniversary presents. Our anniversary isn’t till Monday June 13. haha We are the nerdiest couple ever! Okay so my husband is awesome and designed (himself, with a smidge of help from me, picking out which designs I liked) my very own Hunger Games shirt.  I will most definitely be the coolest kid at school while wearing it. haha In addition I got him some pretty fabulous oil pants( he had been wanting forever) and I made him this really cool word collage about us. I think if I placed it in an art fair I would totally get the gold star but that’s beside the point Gabriel loves it.
12. Lastly Gabe and I started summer school this week. Gabe’s taking freaking awesome amazing Anatomy and I'm taking Chem.  Yes 5 hours of stab my eyes out and blow my brain up Chemistry its truly excruciating. During this ridiculously slow 5 hours instead of paying attention I came to the conclusion that Chemistry has been invented for the soul purpose to make people hate their lives.  Also during this time I'm not paying attention I have come up with the conclusion that the United States has to be the dumbest country in the whole universe for not using the metric system. I'm sure freaking aliens have already converted to using the metric system by now. haha I'm almost positive that people in every other country ( and for the aliens sake planet) love chemistry because they don't have to deal with the excruciating task that is conversions. Conversions and I are mortal enemies since before I was born. lol
13. Monday is going to be the best day ever. That is after Gabe and I finish our dumb tests. Stupid teachers scheduling a test on our anniversary .
Hope all you people that don't read my blog have a wonderful weekend! hahah

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