Saturday, April 30, 2011

Love me some Burt

Do you ever think to yourself, "Is it really worth it?" For the past week, I have made about a billion phylogenetic trees and studied my booty off all night and day for my zoology tests this week, all with the result of being utterly perplexed at all the questions on the actually exam. It's probably the worst feeling ever!! okay well maybe not ever but it's up there. I came out of the test thinking to myself, "I pretty much just wasted about 48 hours of my life studying for a test that I probably failed." Anyways, enough with the poor me crap, and on to the positive and awesomeness from this week. I made a list.

List of the weeks Awesomeness events

1. I did learn one important thing after studying my brains out. The definition of the word Coprophagy- it is an animal that eats it's own feces. Yes, you might want to hold on to that little bit of knowledge that I just enlightened you with, it might come in handy one day. haha

2. I rediscovered the awesomeness that is Burt's Beeswax chapstick.

3. My Eastern Civ professor, who I already thought was pretty amazing, took his amazingness to another level. During his lecture on Friday, he totally quoted "The Princess Bride."

4. Words that start with A's.

5. The Harry Potter Books. I started rereading Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix this week because I want to reread the last three books before the 2nd half of the Deathly Hollows comes out. Yeah I'm a nerd, it's cool!

6. When Gabe and I went to Sonic, Gabe said it was okay if I got an Extra large Cherry Limeade all to myself! He always does!

7. I found out I really do like Nine Inch Nails. I absolutely fell in love with their song "The Greatest Love Story Ever Told". You owe it to yourself to listen to it. Caution this song does contain some graphic material and screaming. If you don't enjoy those two things, you might not actually owe it to yourself to listen to it. haha

 Fringe Fridays. This weeks Fringe was the Shiz, it totally made my "sitting at home all alone, drinking tea" Friday night!!

9. This Picture:

10. My Husband, who took out the recycling without me even asking!!!

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