Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2 Years of Crazy Bliss

So last week was Gabriel and my 2 year wedding anniversary. As I had stated in a previous post we had already given each other gifts for one another early cause we are nerds.
This is the word collage I made for Gabe, it looks better in person, I promise. haha 
And this is the amazingly awesome Hunger Games shirt that Gabe made me.

Gabe took the day off and we had a fun filled day of actives planned for us once we had finished taking our tests. Which btw we both got B's on! I was pretty excited. Well, once we both got home from school we went to this really cute little sushi place in Downtown Boise.  Now, I was questioning this whole sushi place idea because I've only had Sushi in California and I'm not going to lie, sushi restaurants two states away from any ocean sounded a little iffy to me. But I was a brave kid and tried it, and let me tell you, this place is the definition of yumminess.

Superb Sushi
- yeah I know they are kinda lacking in the creative name department.

After we ate sushi for lunch, we walked around glorious Downtown Boise for a little while. Then we came home and ended up falling asleep which was definitely not in the plan, but hey, we have class at 7 in the morning.  After a blissful 30 min nap, I successfully talked Gabe out of his big plans and into going to Michaels and getting canvas for both of us to paint on with his new oil paints. We also got some extra's for having a Romantic painting party at home. These Items include, but are not limited to, Jones Soda, York Peppermint Patties, Reese's, Hershey's Chocolate bits with almonds (which apparently are Gabe's favorite but after being married for years, he has never mentioned) and last, Almond joys that truly do bring joy to my mouth.  All of these elements combined ended up being probably one of the best ideas I have ever had. It was so fun!  I was pleasantly surprised because I am extremely left brained which results in me having zero artistic talent.

We also painted wooden letters. I painted the G and Gabe painted the K. I wanted us to paint them in a way that reflected our personalities. So I painted the G with a bunch of straight lines because Gabe is a huge perfectionist. Gabe did polka dots because they are a little funky and a mess. Which pretty much sums me up.  haha
 this is my painting
And this is Gabe’s. Well what is done of it. Gabe hasn't finished yet, which goes back to the whole perfectionist thing again.

Well that pretty much sums up our night; yeah I know, it was pretty magical!

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