Friday, April 22, 2011


Apparently the new cool thing to do is have a blog and I tried to avoid being like the masses but today I finally broke down and conformed to the blog world. I decided to start a blog because I really wanted to start keeping a journal for my future children as well as myself to go back and read. In addtion to documenting my life. Now I am in no means a writer. I actually despise writing, so much that this semester I bribed my husband into writing all my papers for school in exchange for a PlayStation 3. haha With that said, please excuse my atrocious grammar. I digress, anyway back to the point of the blog. I have horrible handwriting, it is like a 7 year old boy. So to avoid my future children from thinking I'm a retard I decided to start a blog and avoid the embarrassment that is my hand writing.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way I guess it's time to introduce myself.
Hello, my name is Katie Starr! I am 23 (I know i'm freaking old). I am married to a wonderful man named Gabriel. I am currently in pursuit of a nursing degree in pediatrics and will probably be a student for the rest of my life cuz I feel like college never ends. My husband and I just recently moved away from my hometown of San Diego and I have yet to develop a social life here so I have too much spare time. In an effort to utilize my time i'm writing this blog in hopes that I can keep my spastic self entertained. haha By the way I crack myself up on a daily basis, just try and ignore it.

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