Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ezra at 7 Months Old

Our happy little guy is now 7 Months old!
  • Loves all foods! This kid does not discriminate, he just wants us to give him all the foods. 
  • He's starting to enjoy books, however, they must be very short, or he decides he would much rather eat them than read them. 
  • Loves to throw everything on the ground, and unfortunately for us, he has great hand-eye coordination.  The biggest casualties so far have been a pizza and a full cup of ice water into my lap.
  • Still wakes up 3 times per night, if it's a good night.
  • His go to vocabulary is "Ah and hey."  He usually saves ah for when he is mad and yells it over and over again.
  • He is kind of crawling, but not officially. He has trouble with one of his legs. He moves his arms and his one leg to crawl as far as he can and then throws himself in different directions and hopes he will end up in the place he wants to be. It's not a very efficient method and stresses me out. 
  • Smiliest little guy. 
  • He also likes to snuggle, which we all love very much. 

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