Friday, June 24, 2016

Little Ezra at 8 Months Old

This little guy at 8 months old
  • Ezra started crawling about two weeks ago, and he is now all over the place, causing lots and lots of trouble. He's starting to bear crawl, and he is pulling himself up on everything, so I've got a feeling walking is in his very near future. 
  • Ezra's current vocabulary consists of hey, hi, ball, mama, dada, and uh oh. 
  • His favorite toy is a ball, any kind of ball will do, he's not picky. 
  • Just started waving about 3 days ago, and his new favorite hobby is to watch the cars drive by our living room window and wave to them.  It's pretty dang cute!
  • Went a whole week and a half only waking up twice a night but then he started getting a tooth, and sadly, he has reverted back to waking up three to four times per night.  
  • If he's not crawling around causing trouble, he expects to be on my hip. It's his throne. 
  • Ezra is no longer a night owl and likes to be in bed by 6:30.
  • He only likes two books, Peekaboo Sophie and Ocean Wonders. If it's not one of those two books, forget about trying to read it to him. He's not interested! 

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